With a name like Brightside Light and a tag line ‘bright, amber and sideways’ you won’t struggle to work out the key features of this alternative cycle light.

The brainchild of Aidan Gribbin, the idea was borne from the viewpoint of a motorist and not a cyclist when Aiden nearly hit a rider on a roundabout. With conventional lighting aimed fore and aft the oncoming and approaching traffic is well informed of your presence. The blind-spot covered by the Brightside Light is any prolonged exposure to side traffic, mainly at roundabouts and junctions.

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The MOJ has published a consultation paper proposing amongst other things:- 

1. The abolish low value whiplash claims for injuries up to 6 months
2. To raise the small claims track to £5,000 for all personal injury claims. 
3. To introduce the assistance of Mackenzie friends in such claims.

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